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Ambit Finch_Kevin My name is Kevin Finch and I started in the commercial real estate business in 1983. I always enjoyed helping people and I knew that I could satisfy this need by helping people get what they wanted when they were looking for their office space.

A little on my educational background. I attended Jesuit Dallas where I learned what was important in life. I earned a BBA and a BA for Southern Methodist University and and MBA from Wake Forest University. To me what matters is the results of my work for my clients however I do recognize that there will be some visitors to Dallaslease.com that don’t know me and they will find some comfort knowing I have a formal educational background.

My tenant representation career started in an unconventional way. I started in the nuts and bolts side of real estate and managed office buildings for the Trammel Crow Company. This gave me exposure to the most important time in the life of the lease. This is,after the lease is signed an a tenant moves into their office space for the remainder of the lease term. All the leasing agents are gone and the client is stuck with the decision they made.

I learned a lot while I managed office buildings. I learned the mistakes that many leasing agents made that left their clients in a less than desirable situation. So after many successful years in property management where I earned my CPM, CCIM and RPA designations. I decided it was time to help tenants find and negotiate ideal office space and terms and conditions.

The Trammell Crow Company transferred me to Charlotte, North Carolina to reorganize the North and South Carolina property management division for the company. I stayed with this amazing company until I needed to change my workload because I wanted to spend more time with my family.

While in Charlotte North Carolina I started a tenant representation firm called Axiom Commercial Realty. I owned and operated the business for two years and sold it to a business brokerage firm that wanted access into the commercial real estate business. This allowed me to return to my home state of Texas. Where I worked for Grubb and Ellis in their office brokerage division for three years until a client hired me to preform there office location services for their company.

This was the being of Finch Commercial Realty. Since then I have helped many Dallas offie tenants locate the perfect offices for their businesses. It is hard to believe that Finch Commercial Realty has been established for fifteen years but it is true. We have negotiated hundreds of leaves and hundreds of thousands of office square footage in Dallas.

We can help you too. The opportunity for you to get a better deal than you though possible is in your hands. The question is will you take the appropriate action and contact use so that we can show you how we can be of assistance to you and create value. We will bring to you over thirty years experience fighting for office tenants to get them what they need. Contact us today and the burden of your office space will be lifted off your shoulders.


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