Co-Working Space Is A New Opportunity For Business

Recently I worked with a firm relocating their offices to Dallas. The exodus of their employees from Pittsburg would take several months. Many people will work in Dallas on a part time bases until the office was established.

Co-Working Space

Because of these dynamics we decide to look into Co-Working space as an option until the timing was appropriate to occupy a permanent office space. The technology allowed the employees excess mobility and flexibility. The temporary space worked well while we took time to located the perfect Dallas office space.

The environment is supportive and friendly in the Co-Working offices. This gives new people to the area a feeling of belonging as soon as they arrive. One Co-Working option that I like in Dallas is WeWork.

Co-Working Space Buys Time

Instead of my client having to rush a decision to move into a space immediately we were able to take our time. My estimation was that we would take advantage of our flexibility and find a sub-lease space at a below market rental rate. I get notifications of these opportunities on a daily basis and do my best to get my clients positioned to take advantage of these opportunities.

Within the first month of my client’s use of the Co-Working space we were able to located the perfect sub-lease opportunity. Since subleases can take a little extra time to finalize we were in a perfect position.

My client was able to move into their permanent Dallas office space within four months. We had time to negotiate a fantastic lease for them. Within the first week that we started working together some of the employees were officering in Dallas in the co-working space. The flexibility of the space was appealing to my client.

Once the new office was opened my client decided to keep a few of their employees in the co-working location. They liked the fact that it provided flexibility for them. With technology they were still connected to these team members. The company wasn’t forced to have a long term commitment on office space.

This solution gave my client the best of both worlds. A permanent space and flexibility.

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