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Dallas online office listingsYou are in the market for office space so what is the first think you do? Of coarse, get on internet and search up for Dallas online office listings. Warning all the data may not be as it appears. How out of date are the listings that you are searching?

The answer is usually that the listing you find on the internet are usually out of date or inaccurate. I would like to give you an opportunity to take this quick poll and we will see how many of our readers have used an internet listing service in the past.

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It is interesting that so many people are using these Dallas online listings services but are not getting the results that they are desiring. I think the primary reason is that the information in the databases is not updated very often. In fact some brokers use their listings as bait to get prospective tenant’s to contact them. The goal isn’t to provide you with accurate information but to give you a reason to call them so that they can sell you on their services. If you are like me you don’t like being sold.

Just for fun lets insert another survey for the people that used an online listing. When you called the broker was the space on the listing available?

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Interesting isn’t it? The internet is a great source of information. However, what is stated on the internet isn’t always what it appears to be. Your best bet to find real available properties is to work with a professional office tenant representative.

Dallas Online Office Listings

When you need help don’t rely only upon the landlord’s agent. You should position yourself in the most advantageous position and have a seasoned tenant representative working with you. Dallas online office listings really don’t give you the information you need. When you have only internet information you come to the landlord’s agent without enough data to negotiate the best possible lease. Even worse is when you get a landlord’s agent that is using the internet to lure you into their sales pitch.



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