Step One Office Space Analysis


office space analysis

Many times I get a standard question from prospective clients. What are the average rental rates in the office market they desire? Unfortunately, in most cases, they are looking for a rental rate that they are going to use to either, estimate the monthly rent for an imaginary lease or to compare to an offer for a lease renewal or another Dallas office space.

Irregardless of their purpose they truly are not helping their company get the best information for a successful lease transaction. The first step that we take in the process of our Dallas tenant representation services is to meet with the client. The preferential meeting location is their office. Our goal is to conduct an office space analysis the client’s current location and lease to see what their preferences are and their dissatisfaction.

Initial Need Requirements Goals

  • Is your lease expiring and when is the expiration date?
  • Do you need additional space?
  • Are you downsizing your staff?
  • Do you need to sublease your office and move to a new facility?
  • How do you feel about your present geographic location?
  • Review your lease’s sublease clause

Office Space Analysis Goals

  • What are your hours of operation
  • Future growth requirements
  • Discover what you like about your office space
  • Learn what you dislike about your office design
  • Discuss preliminary office space design. How many private offices, cubicles, reception area, kitchen, workroom, server room and other important factors that help us locate the best space for your firm.
  • Does your firm have an particularities that must be addressed by the space design or office location?

Plan of Attack

  • Execute Tenant Representation Agreement
  • Discuss key decision makers and assign their roles in the process
  • Determine the moist desirable geographical area for your office.
  • Review office design to be sure everyone is in agreement with the preliminary layout
  • Discuss monetary considerations concerning moving, equipment, furniture, rent, telecommunications and other factors to set expectations and surpass them.
  • Set date for property tour
  • Discuss preliminary timeline for the office space selection process
  • Review critical points in the timeline to maximize success

Once we will jointly decide on a plan of attack to discover the best locations for your company. We will take a day to canvass the Dallas office market to locate the most desirable locations for your office based upon our discussion. A detailed analysis will be sent to you for review.

After you review the buildings sent to you we will ask you to select the top ten options. A property tour will be arranged and we will visit these select buildings to determine your top choices. Now we are going to step two of the process. This is my favorite part the office property tour.

Many people ask how are we compensated for our efforts. Please read this article to see how an office tenant representative is paid.


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