Office Space Calculator

When calculating the actual amount of your monthly office rental check you need to know the actual square footage of your space. You also need to know the base rent and any other sundry charges you may need to pay. Some of these expenses may be NNN charges, operating expense pass throughs, electricity or CPI increases. This office space calculator is very helpful to an office tenant that is trying to estimate the amount of square footage they may need to lease.

I use it to help my clients estimate the square footage they may need before I begin my tenant representation services. You may¬†find that you don’t need as much square footage as you thought and that is why I give this away for free. I hope that it helps you save money on your lease.

The reduction of square footage is often the most effective way to start reducing an office tenant’s rental expense. This office space calculator is a great tool. However, don’t make the mistake of reducing your square footage so much that you cannot grow your business.

There are strategies that you can employ during your office lease negotiation. You will be able to take less square footage now and increase your office space later. By using a Dallas office tenant representative you will be able to give your business options.

Terms To Use The Office Space Calculator

  • Core Factor – In a multi tenanted office building the tenant will have access to the common area (lobby, restrooms and corridors). The way the landlord acquires income for this are is to apply a core Factor to the usable square footage. So if 15% of the building was common area the core factor would be 15%.
  • Circulation Area – Hallways and passages between cubicles within the usable area of the space.
  • Rentable Square Feet – The tenant’s usable square footage plus the core factor.
  • Usable Square Feet – the actual square footage within the tenant’s space.

Office space calculatorHopefully this office space calculator will help you determine the correct amount of square footage that you will need for your office space. If you are a perfectionist want to negotiate the best terms and conditions for your space you need the help of an expert. You should consider the service of an office tenant representative. I have over thirty years of experience helping Dallas office tenants get the best terms and conditions. Contact me so we can answer your questions.

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