Office Tenants Need Good Negotiations For Construction

When I start working with office tenants looking for space they tend to be worried about the same things when we start. They focus on location, building quality and the cost of the rent. It is easy to focus on these items in the beginning of a tenant representation assignment. However, as the time passes  other issues become more important. One of these will be that office tenants need good negotiations for construction.

Office Tenants Need Good NegotiationsI had the opportunity to attend a construction meeting to day with a client. The construction of his space has been delayed for a few reasons. The entire building is being remodeled and it is a rather large construction job. My clients space has been delayed because the original construction estimates appear to be incorrect.

My client was concerned that the landlord may have modified the construction requirements to reduce construction expenses. He asked me to attend the meeting and I did. Midway through the meeting we learned that the finished ceiling with can down lights he been removed from the construction specifications. My client was not informed of these changes.

Office Tenants Need Good Negotiations regarding construction. We had negotiated a turn-key construction paragraph in our lease. My client met with the building’s architect prior to the else execution to have plans made for the Landlord to bid the job so he could quote a turn key lease.

Unfortunately the landlords construction company appears to have underbid the amount of work and his price was to low. My client signed the lease with the turn-key construction requirement clearly described in the lease document. My client was covered and the landlord’s contractors potential oversight was not my clients problem.

We met with the landlord and pointed out to them that the plans had been altered and were not in compliance with the lease. My client was happy because he is getting what he wanted in his new space.

A well negotiated lease has more than just a rental rate and a suite number. Office tenants need good negotiations for construction and many other things a professional office tenant broker will provide their clients.

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