Office Space Construction and Move In – Step Five

Office space construction isn’t difficult. It just takes someone that knows how to manage the process. We help our clients avoid the panic of construction and move in time.

Office Space Construction Tips

  • Hire a quality architect
  • Create a detailed space plan
  • Have a Mechanical and Engineering plan done
  • Pay attention to thermostat locations
  • Previous lighting design may not be adequate for your use
  • Refurbish or replace Window Blinds
  • Select a contractor that knows the building and inspect his previous work
  • Get references from contractors previous tenants
  • Have construction kick off meeting within 5 days of lease execution
  • Contractor should provide a construction timeline
  • Select carpet, paint, flooring and specialty fixtures within five days of kick off meeting

Office space constructionOffice space construction is very methodical. It begins with a meeting with the tenant. landlord’s representative, contractor and architect. Some Dallas tenant representative brokers think they are done when the lease is executed. We have completed our task when our clients have their keys and the construction punch list is complete. We also attend these meetings.

It is a good practice to have a follow-up meeting once a week with the contractor to review the timeline and their progress. There will be a few issues that could slow down the construction. If this occurs the contractor should let the meeting attendees know and give a proactive plan to get the office space construction back in time.

After a few construction meetings the big day arrives and we get to see the space. We will walk through the space together about an hour before we have the punchiest meeting. We are going to look for imperfections that need to be corrected before we accept the space. This is an important step because once you accept the keys to the space any damage done that isn’t on the punchiest will be yours to repair.

We will walk with the building’s representative, contractor and usually the architect to inspect the entire build-out. This includes lighting, ceiling tiles and grid, doors, carpet electrical outlets, the kitchen sink. We inspect everything. We will write down any imperfections that we see to the space and the contractor will be responsible to correct them .

Now the tenant will receive a set of keys to the premises. They will also be presented a certificate of insurance at this time which is required in most leases. Now the property manager will coordinate with you regarding your move and you now have a new home build exactly to your specifications.

Again you may think we are finished with our service but we are not. We are going to show you how we help you monitor those pesky operating expenses and electrical charges next.

There is sometimes confusion on how we are compensated so I wrote this article explaining how Dallas office tenant representatives are compensated.


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