Step Four Office Lease Execution

office lease execution

After drafting leases and many iterations of the lease document the lease is ready for execution. Normally we will receive three to four leases from the landlord for our signature. We will review the lease one last time to be sure that we are comfortable with the various terms and conditions before execution.

Once the lease is signed by us we will usually attach two checks. One is for the security deposit and the other is for prepayment of the first month’s rent. All the information will be placed in an envelope and I will deliver the signed leases to the landlord for them to execute the leases. This can take a day or two. If the landlord is a local owner the leases may be signed in  a few hours. It the landlord is out of Dallas it may take a few days.

In either case we don’t want to make and financial commitments with various vendors that involves your new space until you review either a hard or an electronic copy of your lease.

Things To Do When New Lease Is Executed

  • Inform coworkers
  • Notify current landlord
  • Plan construction kick off meeting (if applicable)
  • Meet with data communication companies
  • Meet with moving companies (if applicable)
  • Announcements for clients and vendors
  • Contact furniture companies
  • New signage (if applicable)

Depending upon the type of business you are operating you may have other items on this list but these are the basic ones most companies will need to consider. If you are having a new space build the process may take six to seventy-five days. During this time you will coordinate with the various vendors for furniture, cabling, phone and data systems, movers and other vendors that are important to your operation.

Many clients find this time to be a little hectic. The best way to manage this process is to have a team responsible for every aspect of the move and delegate responsibilities to the appropriate personnel. One of the most important tasks will be given to the person that communicates with the landlord’s construction manager. Don’t stress we will be there to to help you through the exciting process of building your custom office space designed to your exact specification.

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