Step Two Office Property Tour Site Selection

Office property tour

A significant advantage of working with a Dallas tenant representative is how much time you are going to save. I often get calls from senior executive staff members that have been assigned the task of finding office space. The questions are usually general and don’t touch upon significant factors that should be discussed. I imagine that the information passed along to the executive is incomplete because the correct way to preform an office site selection wasn’t performed.

In the first step of our program, office space analysis, we met with your companies team and asked very detailed questions to determine what the ideal office locations would be for your company. Then we leave your office and scoure the Dallas office market to determine the ideal office buildings that meet your criteria.

Our Site Selection Uses The Following Information

  • Emails – We receive multiple emails daily form office brokerage professionals marketing there direct office opportunities and Dallas office sublease space
  • Data Bases – We subscribe to multiple commercial real estate data bases that we use to ensure we cover your specified geographical location and do our best to leave no opportunity undiscovered.
  • Connections – We have been an active Dallas office tenant representative for over fifteen years and have many relationships. We contact other professionals to see if they may have knowledge of a space that fits your needs.
  • Emails and Telephone – We reach out to the overall Dallas office building community to see if they have knowledge of a space that meets your requirement.

Once we have done our best to canvass the market to find office locations that meet your criteria we will prepare a detailed list of the potential buildings for your review. The presentation will have a picture of the building, floor plan if possible, proposed rental rates if possible and information on the building’s tenant mix. A map will be provided outlining the various locations of each building.

With this information our clients now have valuable information that they may use to make informed decisions for their office space search. In most instances we will meet with the client and review the various buildings and select the top ten options. With this information we will set up the office property tour.

The Office Property Tour Begins

During the tour it generally takes about thirty minutes per building. Buildings with more amenities may take a little longer time but using this rule I find that ten buildings can be visited in five hours. Some clients like to split the tour and visit over two days. Others prefer to complete the tour in one day.

After we tour we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each location and generally select the top four locations. I also share my knowledge about each building and the property management. Additional I am familiar with the leasing agent and share information about their negotiation strategies.

Once you have made your site selection,  I will prepare a request for proposal and send it to each landlord detailing your requirements. Additionally I will include Dallas office market terms and conditions so that the negotiations will begin correctly.

Many people are confused as to how a Dallas tenant representative is paid. I have written an article on how we are paid to help my clients understand how our commission is paid.


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