The Perfect Dallas Office Space Found

We were contacted by a frustrated prospective client looking for Dallas office space. They had been out in the market looking for a space on their own and they kept getting the same responses from Landlords regarding standard office requirements that most Landlords insist they must have to complete a lease.

Lease Renewal Dallas Office Space

Dallas Office SpaceUnfortunately most inexperienced tenants will accept these requirements and sign a lease that is less favorable to them because they didn’t know what terms they could really get in the office market. To compound matters the tenant  wanted to renew their lease early so that they could take advantage of the downturn in rental rates before the market rebounded. They had a year left on their lease.

While surfing the internet they found the same website you are looking at now and they contacted us. We met with them and reviewed their present lease and then formulated a rather unconventional strategy to allow them to renew there lease early and get eight months of free rent starting immediately when the lease renewed. Their rental rate was reduced and the lease was extended for five years at a lower rental rate.

Reducing Your Annual Office Rent Expense

Fast forward a year and the market rates have increase two dollars per foot higher than our client is paying. It was most important that we renewed the lease a year early so that our client could enjoy the lower rental rates for the next five years. They were able to do this by leveraging our skills and market knowledge to get  the best possible terms and conditions on their Dallas office space.