Test Fit Space Plans Are Available With A Modern Tenant Rep Broker

Over the past thirty years I have seen virtually every aspect of the tenant representation process and one area that slows the deal down is waiting for a test fit to be completed by an architect. After a successful property tour the tenant will let their tenant representative know that their top three selections. Usually a request for proposal will ensue and eventually a meeting with an architect to determine if the space will work for the office tenant.

test fit

The usual procedure is to get a test fit is to meet with the landlord’s architect. In the meeting the tenant will review with the architect what they are looking for in their new office. Then leave the meeting and wait for a few days to get a plan from the architect. There is a new way.

Technology Improves Test Fit Options

While this system has worked in the past there is a better way today. Technology has improved our ability to perform test fits quickly. This removes the guessing of whether a space will satisfy the physical requirements for a tenant before the request for proposal is sent.

Imaging the amount of time that this saves for all the parties involved in the decision. No longer are the landlord’s agents wasting their time on a request for repost response only to find that the space will not work for the tenant. For the tenant they are not wasting their valuable time meeting with space planners and landlords conducting preliminary designs for a potential offie space. Finally for the office tenant representative, they will be able to provide their client with a fast and efficient analysis of the proposed office space for their client.

One of the many advantages of this system is that it is sharable and collaborative. Imagine being able to tell your tenant representative what type of space design you desire and have them find the right buildings for you. Then the broker would contact the buildings and perform a preliminary test fit to see if the location works for your company. Obviously by eliminating spaces that don’t work before you see them will save you a significant amount of time. Furthermore it takes the guess work out of the process of selecting space.

Documentation and Lease Negotiation 

Professional tenant representatives have many tools that are available for you to help you sleekest the best option for your next office space. There is much more to hiring an office broker than looking at a building and an office space.

Proper documentation and lease negotiations help the tenant determine their best options. Don’t put yourself in the unenviable  position of making an important operational decision for your business not having all of the facts.

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