Thanks Trammell Crow

Dallas office leasing
Where I learned about office buildings. San Jacinto Tower on the right.

Today I thought I would have a little fun since it is Friday. Why did you get involved in commercial real estate and in particular the office side of our business? I hope it was for more than the money.

I have been a bless man and was fortunate enough to start my carrier with two great real estate personalities. The man that gave me my start was Jack Wertheimer and he thaught me about shopping centers and how to operate them to get the maximum return for the investors . I appreciate what Jack gave me but I wasn’t as excited about shopping center as I was about office buildings.

Serendipity abounded because I was blessed to live in the same city as the great Trammell Crow and he was building amazing office projects. I drove by these brilliant towers daily and I wanted the opportunity to work for him. It was a crazy passion because I had to learn from  Trammell Crow.

So in 1984 I got my big opportunity to start work with the Trammell Crow Company and it was one of the best days of my life. If you had the good fortune to work for the office division under Harlan Crow and Barry Henry  you know what I mean when I say exceptional. Nothing was impossible and excellence was expected.

I wanted to write about this experience  today because I miss those days. Integrity was everything and somehow we mixed productive work that sometimes took many hours to complete with fun. There was a sense that we belonged to something that was important. We were part of a team and our participation made us better people.

Over the past couple of years I have seen new buildings being developed in Dallas and across the nation with the name Trammell Crow Company proudly placed on the signage. I am happy to see the signs again. Plus the quality of the buildings that Harlan is building.

Both Harlan and his sister Lucy are amazing real estate developers, just like their father. They both build high quality buildings and communities. However Harlan builds buildings that are high quality and exceptional. They are more than an income stream or an investment.  I know that our business is about creating value but Harlan, like his father, is building for the community as well as income.

Trammell Crow Company
The development of a masterpiece!

The city of Dallas is a great place to live and we are surrounded by many beautiful office buildings. These magnificent structures didn’t just appear on their own. It took men and women with vision and determination to develop these treasures.

What I like about office brokerage is that I am fortunate enough to get to spend time with these people. The dreamers and believers. People that know that the impossible is possible with the right vision and team.

Every day I negotiate office leases to help tenants get the best deals possible. Sometimes it is important to step back from the hustle and bustle of the transaction and look at the amazing developments we walk through every day. To take a minute an think that some of the buildings we walk through are more than granite and steal. If we are fortunate, one of the buildings we tour will have a part of the soul of the man or woman that developed it and it is a masterpiece.

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