Weekly Economic Roundup

Weekly Economic Roundup

Every week we offer our version of items that we think are important that have an impact on the leasing of office space in the Dallas Fort Worth office market. We call this our Weekly Economic Roundup. If you know of other important event please comment so that others can benefit from your knowledge.

Important Weekly Market Summaries for the week of March 29 – April 4, 2015:

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average Close 18.058 Increase of 295 a  +1.66% gain for the week
  • S&P 500 2,102 Increase of 35 +1.69% gain for the week
  • Gold $1,206.50 per once Increase of $1.90 +.16%
  • Silver $16.43 per ounce a -.71¢ a4.32% loss for the week
  • West Texas Intermediate Oil $52.53 per barrel +6.96% gain for the week
  • Natural Gas $2.52 MMBtu a loss of .11¢ for the week
  • 10 Year US Treasure 1.96% Increase of .04% over previous week
  • 30 Year US Treasury 2.58% Increase of .05% over previous week

Below are links for important economic stories for week for the week of April 5 2015 – April 11, 2015 that have an impact upon Dallas office leasing:

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