When You Find A Below Market Office Space Don’t Procrastinate

In November of 2016 I was contacted by a company that was looking for a space that was very difficult to find. As typically happens, the client asks me to find what they want and I work over my contacts and data and find exactly what they want. I then discover that the client wasn’t honest with me and discover that they were already in the market and they didn’t disclose this information to me.


Why people are not honest I will never know. I got over the fact that I wasn’t told they were previously looking for space. This is typical because most people contact me when they realize that they are in need of professional help. What bothered me was that I went to work and found exactly what they wanted but they couldn’t return my calls after I located the space, showed it to them and had acknowledgement that it was in fact the optimal office space for them.

Below Market Office Space

Below market office spaceI know that this below market office space wouldn’t be available for long and time was of the essence. Unfortunately it took three days for my client to respond back to me. As I feared, the space was taken by another company. The lease was for $16.75 a feet and the building was leasing for $22.75 a foot. The design was exactly what they said they wanted for their space design.

The client in this article didn’t listen to my advice. The space that I found for them was leased to another company because this client delayed and didn’t take my advice. I had done the work but they didn’t hold up their end of the agreement.

The sad news for my client is that $16.75 per foot space isn’t available often for an A Class Dallas office space. They lost out on this opportunity. The moral of the story is that when you are working with a professional you need to listen to them. Especially regarding below market office space.

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