Why Hire A Commercial Real Estate Broker For My Office Lease?

Commercial real estate broker services may not appear to be essential to an inexperienced office tenant. However, over ninety

Commercial real estate broker

percent of office leases negotiated in the Dallas Fort Worth area have a commercial real estate broker representing the tenant. The majority of these leases are for experienced tenants that have been down the negotiation road in the past and seen the vale a professional office tenant representative brings to their clients.

Reasons To Have A Commercial Real Estate Broker

  • You have an expert that is looking out only for your interests in the transaction
  • An experienced commercial broker has market knowledge you cannot get from the internet
  • The landlord knows you have a market expert on your team guiding you
  • Save significant time in the site selection process
  • Create a competitivo negotiation for the landlord
  • The commercial real estate broker will have relationships with many agents in the area and will use his relationships to leverage your position in the office lease search and negotiation.
  • The landlord has an agent that knows the market and most likely the prospective tenant’s skill level. Don’t swim with sharks if you are not in a shark cage.

Some Of The Services You Will Get From Your Commercial Real Estate Broker

  • Lease Review – Review your present lease, office space, lease and discover the pros and cons of your present location.
  • Efficiency Survey – Analysis of your current usage and suggestions to improve the efficiency of your office space.
  • Market Knowledge – Bring market knowledge to you showing you various property options that you may have known about or not considered.
  • Fiduciary Agency – Professionally working your your best interests and giving you advice that helps you make the best decision for your company.
  • Bring a competitive environment to the negotiation when you have a minimum of two viable options and the landlords know you are legitimately considering both.
  • Time Management – While you focus on your business your commercial real estate broker is working on your real estate needs managing the timeline necessary to complete the transaction. One of the greatest dangers is for a tenant to run out of time on there present lease and have to pay hold-over rent.
  • Comparative Analysis – Each offer is different. It is nice to have an analysis that compares each transaction in real dollars.
  • Dispute Resolution – It is better to avoid a dispute before it occurs. A professional commercial real estate broker will address potential pitfalls before they occur so that they will not come up at the eleventh hour of a negotiation.

Never put your business on unequal footing in your office lease negotiations. When you are speaking with a landlord’s broker they are required by law in Texas to treat you fairly. However they also have a responsibility to the principle to get the best possible rate and the least amount of concessions possible. The probability is that the broker you are negotiating with does over one hundred leases a year and he or she is a professional commercial real estate broker.

Isn’t it logical that you would position your business so that it has the same advantage. An office tenant representative will give you this advantage. To learn more about the benefits of getting your own broker contact us and we will help you get on equal footing with your landlord today.

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